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 Astrologia e Religião
Literature Now: Key Terms and Methods for Literary History
Žemėlapis ir teritorija
Three Studies in Medieval Religious and Social Thought: The Interpretation of Mary and Martha, the Ideal of the Imitation of Christ, the Orders of Society
History in the plural : an introduction to the work of Reinhart Koselleck
Measuring Welfare beyond Economics: The genuine progress of Hong Kong and Singapore
[English translation plunge - the core concepts and skills]
Il risveglio dei maiali. Piigs Portogallo, Irlanda, Italia, Grecia, Spagna
疾病改变历史 /Disease & History
Turkana Grammatical Notes and Vocabulary
泰利的街角 /Tai li de jie jiao
论万物 /Lun wan wu
何草不黄: 《汉书》断章解义
Lenin reactivado: hacia una política de la verdad
Infinite and Finite Sets: To Paul Erdös on his 60th birthday
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Publisher: Springer PDF Wiley txt Thomson/Schirmer Epub
Author: M. Jensen Henrici Lomax, Pulliam Kracht